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The SP Sport Fast Response has been designed for the driver who wants to be in touch with the road and enjoy a comfortable, quiet and controlled driving experience. Featuring Tough Technology, it performs with a superior feel for the road and delivers a more enjoyable, controlled and responsice driving experience. Key features and benefits: - Block sipes on inner and outer shoulders: Adjusts and optimises stiffness, providing an improved feel for the road and ride comfort. - Continuous centre ribs: Improves straight line driving and high speed stability. The car is easier to control and driving is much smoother. - Larger and stiffer outside tread blocks: Cornering is more stable and precise and there is less delay in the car manoeuvre after the drivers steering impulse. - Additional sipes: Reduces tread wear, lowers noise levels and provides aquaplaning resistance for improved performance in the wet. - Silica tread compound: Superior adhesion, durability and rolling resistance and improves wet braking. - Touch Technology: Combines the effects of multi radius tread technology, an asymmetric design, a specific bead seat system and a flatter tread profile to provide improved handling performance and steering precision in both wet and dry conditions.

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