At Direct Tyres in Auckland we service brake pads at our South Auckland location, we offer brake servicing and repairs for all your auto brake repair needs. To ensure your car is roadworthy get yout brake pads checked and serviced with our professionals. Come along to our Auckland brake servicing centre in South Auckland and we will ensure your car is safe and ready to go.


Brake Services

  • Brake Pads
  • Rotors Machining 
  • New Rotors 
  • Brake lines 
  • Brake fluid flush
  • Brake Testing 


To ensure your safety on the road, you want to know that the most important aspect of your vehicle safety is up to standard. If you routinely get your brake servicing carried out by a brake specialist you will prevent any major problems and guarantee your vehicle safety.

Your brakes are possibly the most vital parts of your car. A well operating braking system is crucial for driving safely on the open road. We cover every aspect of vehicle braking systems. As a vehicle owner, you can trust us with all brake servicing and repairs.

At Direct Tyres & Auto, we understand road users. We know you and your passengers’ safety depends on the brakes. Which is why you need to keep them in good condition. Replacing your brake pads, rotors or brake lines is easy at Direct Tyre & Auto in South Auckland Get in touch with us today to find out about our car brake deals.


Why it is advisable to replace brake pads?

Brake cushions have a metal support plate with a grinding material bound to the surface that reaches the brake rotor. The grating connected to the brake rotors helps stop the turning wheels, causing your car to stop. Worn brake cushions will be unable to stop your car effectively and securely.


When is the right time to replace brake pads?

It is advisable to check for cushion wear every 25,000 kilometres. This is important to make sure your car will stop whenever you step on the brakes. Once you notice signs of wear and tear, replace the brake pads immediately.

Two of the most common signs of brake cushion issues are squealing and scratching. A squealing sound while braking can be a result of detached clatter cuts, callipers, or cushion covers. The most common reason is worn brake pads. Scratching may occur due to detached brake parts, a stone stuck between the cushion and the rotor and worn out brake cushions. If left unsolved for a long period, these problems may cause damage to the brake rotors and other mechanical parts. Repairing or replacing them would be the best option.

When your brake starts to fail or if it is not stopping your car effectively, you may have worn or exhausted cushions. Routine checks and maintenance are necessary to find existing and potential problems and take the necessary action.