Vehicle Lowering Services

Vehicle Lowering Services


We offer lowering springs and installation services in store.

Our highly trained and qualified team can help you reach your desired look. We only use brand new, top quality products so you can get the best results. 


Lowering springs are special aftermarket springs that you can buy to replace the stock springs that were installed when your car was manufactured.

Lowering springs are a little shorter with more coils than stock springs, which means they create more tension between the suspension system and the frame. This causes the body of the car to rest further down, closer to the wheels. This lowers the vehicle's center of gravity, making it easier to handle, and also gives it a stylish, "low rider" appearance.


While there are many perks of lowering your car it is also important to consider the potential downside. Here are a few common pros and cons of lowering suspension: 


  • More road feel: Lowered suspension helps you as a driver to be highly attuned to how your vehicle acts on different pavement as more of the vibrations from imperfections in the road surface can be felt through the steering wheel. 
  • Better handling: Being closer to the ground is improved responsiveness, more stability and grip at speed. With more stiffer springs in your ride there is less weight transfer when you accelerate or brake hard. 
  • Reduced rollover risk: Lowered vehicles have a lower center of gravity, which decreases rollover risk when cornering.  


  • Increased bottoming out: When you lower the suspension, you raise the risk of the vehicles bottom skidding against the ground. Speed bumps can be really difficult. Contact with the ground can leave many components vulnerable. 
  • Less ride comfort: If you and your passengers are accustomed to a softer suspension that cushions impacts like bumps and potholes you may feel the difference with  the lower suspension. You may also notice increased road noise since you're closer to the pavement. 
  • Cannot use a standard jack: If you get a flat tyre, you may find that there's not enough clearance to get the unit under the vehicles frame.   


At Direct Tyres & Auto we're confident in providing the best for our customers. Our staff are highly trained and understand the importance of lowering your car. We'll work with you towards your desired appearance and more. 


Contact us here or come down to our store to have a chat with our friendly staff about lowering your vehicle.