What is a Certificate of Fitness? 

A Certificate of Fitness (CoF) is a regular inspection to ensure that your vehicle meets the required NZ road safety standards. 



Do I need a CoF? 

A CoF is required for vehicles such as taxis, rental cars, shuttles, trucks, motor homes, licensed recovery vehicles & more. If you drive Uber or Ola, you will need a CoF. 



What to expect when you get a CoF at Direct Tyres: 

We understand that travelling with passengers is a huge responsibility. At Direct Tyres & Auto we are a NZTA approved vehicle testing facility, you will receive a service that is nothing short of friendly, hands-on and cost efficient. 



Failed a CoF inspection? 

No stress! We take pride in our work and have fully qualified technicians on site who can complete the repair work required for your CoF. 

The smaller items like a bulb or wipers can be done on the spot. 

If you require further mechanical parts to be replaced or repaired, to save you time, we can provide a quote and make a booking before you leave the store.