Wheel Alignment


At Direct Tyres & Auto we offer wheel alignment services. If you're in need of a wheel alignment we can offer expert advice and high quality service. 


A wheel alignment is one of the key services offered by our professional team. This helps ensure reduction of tyre wear and optimum vehicle handling for a longer period of time. 

Wheel alignment guide: 

Have you ever thought why a wheel alignment is important for your vehicle? Does your vehicle pull to one side of the road? Do your tyres wear unevenly? Has your steering wheel moved from the center position?


If the answer is yes, your vehicle might have wheel alignment issues. Misaligned wheels and suspension will cause premature tread wear, inefficiency and reduced performance. It is important to have your wheels aligned properly to improve driving safety, ensure a smooth ride and increase fuel efficiency. 

When your wheels are not aligned properly, you are putting your safety on the line. It is best to ask the professionals for help whenever you notice these signs of wheel alignment issues.


When do you need to check your vehicle’s wheel alignment?

  • When your vehicle is drifting to one side
  • When you hit a pothole or curb
  • After changing suspension part or bushes


Proper alignment improves your car’s handling. A wheel alignment job from the team at Direct Tyres & Auto means long-lasting, optimal performance and great driving experience. Our technicians know how to get your car running smooth and safe.


Direct Tyres Uses Advanced Technology for Wheel Alignments

Precise wheel alignments are our promise. We use the latest technology to make sure everything is in place and is working as expected. Our professional team ensures that our service and technology fit your vehicle’s make, model and specifications. 


Do you have a lowered car? Need custom adjustments? Getting ready for LVV cert? We've got you covered!! 

At Direct Tyres & Auto we've got an in-ground alignment hoist specifically designed to cater to lowered cars. Our in house alignment specialists are trained and equipped to set the specs just right!!




Contact us today to find out what our certified wheel alignment experts can do for you!