Mechanical Repairs


We have an onsite mechanical team who can help with all your auto repairs needed. Our store is well equipped to manage all your car repairs and auto servicing requirements. 


Below is a list of some of the repair services available:


Timing Belt: 

Direct Tyres & Auto has experienced and knowledgeable staff to inspect and replace your timing belt kit. It is recommended to replace the full kit at 100,000km intervals. However, in some cases, it can be required sooner. Talk to us for a free consultation regarding any issues you are having with timing.


Having problems with your manual transmission system? We can diagnose and repair it. We have all the equipment to replace the clutch and complete gearbox transmission. A clutch can wear out over time or be burned out from overuse. Our helpful staff can have your clutch working again in no time.


A well operating alternator is critical for the function of your vehicles electrical system. The alternator is required to send a charge to the battery and electronic components while the vehicle is running. An alternator can become faulty over time. Talk to us about your vehicles electrical needs.

CV Joint: 

The constant velocity (CV) joint is always in motion while your vehicle is running. This is what gives your wheels the flexibility to move while turning. The CV joint can wear and tear over time and is common to replace after it becomes a problem. The CV joint will usually start making noise while you turn, this is the easiest way to identify a worn CV joint.




There are rubber bushes throughout your vehicle. They may be in the suspension or the engine. These bushes absorb a lot of the stress while on the road. They help give the car flexibility and movement on contour roads and everyday functions. These bushes include control arm bushes, axle bushes and engine mount bushes which can wear out over time.

Steering Rack/System: 

The steering rack is connected to your steering wheel, in turn, controls the movement of your car completely. Any damage or leaks in the steering system including power steering fluid can be extremely dangerous. We can replace any damaged parts in your vehicles steering and bring it back to factory condition.


The radiator is the key component in the cooling system. It pumps water through the engine keeping it from overheating. Damage to the radiator can have serious side effects to the normal operation of your vehicle. We have the tools to test for leaks as well as repair or, replace a faulty radiator.


We have the latest diagnostics scanner available. We can scan your vehicles computer, remove and reset codes, and repair any electrical faults in the system. If your engine light is on talk to one of our professionals about having it repaired.


We know it's not easy finding a reliable good mechanic; at Direct Tyres, we guarantee to offer you affordable, reliable and trustworthy auto service and repairs to suit all your auto servicing needs.


Contact us today to speak to one of our professionals about your auto repair needs.