We have a massive range of brands to offer our customers; including the brands below and more! From entry-level to luxury tyres, we can find the right choice for you, your budget and your vehicular needs. 

Roadstone tyres are manufactured by Nexen Corporation. Roadstone is a leading tyre manufacturer all around the world with facilities in America, Europe, Middle East, And Asia. Tyres manufactured by Roadstone live up to world standard markings and safety performance. Roadstone tyres have grown into a promising tyre manufacturer with one of the worlds highest growth rates in the industry. They are striving to keep the competitiveness of their production, their products eco-friendly and advancing their technology to grow as a leading brand.


If you are looking for the best replacement tyre for your car, SUV or 4WD Roadstone tyres are superior in every way and will live up to the expectations of the most demanding drivers.


For more information on Roadstone, be sure to check out their website here.


Toyo's mission is simple: To bring you the best tyres in the world and it's a quest taken very seriously.

Every year Toyo spends millions on research and development utilising the most sophisticated technology in the industry and the results speak for themselves. Toyo brings you premium brand tyres which are the best in the wet - bar none.

Legendary handling, precise steering response and progressive breakaway characteristics are only possible from a single minded development with real drivers in mind. We don't compromise on quality so when you buy a Toyo tyre you buy into our obsession with quality.


Read more about Toyo Tyres on their website here.


Kumho Tire (Kumho Tyres) in Australia was established in 1960 as part of the Kumho Asiana Group. Kumho Tire has grown to the 7th largest company in Korea.

Kumho Tires exports tires worldwide and has a global network of sales organisations. They have a global presence across 180 countries and produce more than 68 million tyres every year and have been in Australia for over 30 years.


Kumho defines itself through innovation and quality. Read more about Kumho Tyres on their website here.


Hankook began as an aspiring tyre maker in Korea in 1941. Over 70 years later, the company has grown into a world-class tyre brand which is competing strongly in the global market and forming partnerships with the world’s premium automakers. Hankook continues to make efforts to provide the right service to customers across the world.

Hankook takes interest in green issues in the tyre industry that have been growing, and environmental regulations on tyre performance tests, such as fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level. Hankook rigorously abides by international environmental regulations and has adopted a global tyre performance labelling system so customers can evaluate the quality of our products and our commitment to environmental awareness.


Read more about Hankook on their website here.


Goodyear is famous world over for being at the forefront of tyre technology. The Goodyear range incorporates technology and advances in tyre design gathered from Goodyear's various research and development teams located around the world. You can feel confident that there is a Goodyear tyre of the highest quality to suit your individual needs. And with a distribution network the envy of the Australian & New Zealand tyre industry, Goodyear should be the tyre you choose first every time.


Check out Goodyear's website for more.


The genesis for the Falken Tyres brand was to create a range of high performance radial tyres at an affordable price point. Over 25 years later the Falken brand of tyres has continued this tradition, but have expanded their range to service everything from performance car tyres, passenger car tyres, 4WD/light truck tyres, and truck tyres.

Falken Tyres are constructed for performance, safety and handling to match any road condition. Recognised world-wide as a leader in performance tyres, Falken Tyres New Zealand can offer you the right solution for your performance car tyres, passenger car tyres, 4WD/light truck tyres and truck tyres.


Read more about Falken and their products here.


Inspired by sport-luxury vehicles, Advanti Racing meticulously crafts every wheel design with precision and forward styling. At the core of every wheel produced is an unsurpassed level of quality. The Advanti Racing brand has been increasing heart rates and supplying drivers with adrenaline overdoses for almost 20 years. Advanti Racing’s history in F1 racing are the fundamentals on which their wheels are built. This unique resume is what defines Advanti Racing wheels as Truly Desirable.


Check out Advanti Racing's website for more about their wheels here.