Direct Tyres have a huge range of designs for mag wheels at our South Auckland store - from concave street look to more durable racing spec wheels. We have the best equipment backed by helpful knowledgeable staff to deliver outstanding looks and modification to your vehicles image. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our mag deals.

What you can expect when you get mag wheels Auckland from Directional Tyres?

  • Superior heat dissipation characteristics than regular steel wheels, resulting into improved brake cooling, reduced brake fading and longer tyre life
  • Lighter than original steel wheels, resulting into improved fuel efficiency
  • Excellent Road handling and cornering ability
  • Rust-free, corrosion resistant and virtually maintenance free
  • Bolt-on fitting, No spacers / modifications required
  • Striking looks
  • Outstanding compatibility with Radial, Regular and Tubeless tyres

Directional Tyres understands the vitality of style and elegance.

We stock a large range of Aluminium wheels if your in the market for a new set of mags be sure to check out our store. We are retailers of some of most well known brands in the market including Enkei Advanti Niche Lorenzo American Racing Dub and DTM.

The present day mag wheels Auckland are manufactured using aluminum compound that don’t rust and erode. They are light and this serves to enhance the control over the vehicle and guiding all in all on the grounds that the suspension takes after the surface of the street consummately. The lighter edges make the entire auto lighter and along these lines help for lower fuel utilization. Since the edges have better high temperature conduction, they the brakes work all the more successfully.

Guard Rolling

Are your wheels scraping the inner guards, large diameter wheels and tyres can rub while rolling or on impact. It is possible to achieve a little extra clearance by rolling the inside lip of the car up to provide extra clearance to the wheels and provide space for impact. 

This is One simple way to create more room for aftermarket wheel and tyre clearance. The inner lip of the guard can be rolled using a custom guard roller to slightly bend back the clearance space required for your setup. This is a time consuming job and requires extreme patience rushing this process can cause the plastic fender to crack or break. Even though the overall impact we make to the car is minor it can make a big impact on stopping the car from rubbing.

Direct Tyres understands how essential the look and condition of your vehicle is for you. You may want a pocket friendly car servicing done by the experts. An efficient guard rolling service can allow incredible clearance for optimum performance. Most people are keen to improve the look of their  fitting of wider width wheels and tyres. The most recent pattern is having the car lowered and sitting completely of the arches this is achievable by guard on some makes in extreme cases you will have to flare the guards which requires more detailed panel work. 


If you feel you need your guards rolled we can provide a hassle free consultation and quote. We will need to analyze weather we can complete your specific job and will give you a timeframe to get it done in. Leave your worries with us when you need an expert opinion on guard rolling.