Car Servicing



Direct Tyres and Auto offers professional oil filter servicing for your vehicle. An effective oil filter servicing by our expert team can certainly maximize the lifespan of your vehicle and increase the lifespan of your engine. With regular servicing at Direct Tyres, you can gain peace of mind. Our expert technicians are trained to service any make and model of car using the latest techniques and diagnostic equipment for oil filter servicing and are committed to providing a friendly, straightforward and honest service.

Our range of services ensures and offers the best way to maintain your car. It is recommended to have an oil filter service done after 10,000kms. With the passage of time, the oil develops dirt and can get cloggy at times. Clean oil keeps the motor greased up and helps execution to ensure superior performance of your car. We ensure that our car servicing in South Auckland is a high quality, but cheap car service. Get in touch now to find out more about our car servicing deals.

  • High operational reliability for your investment
  • Easy Factory recommended Service
  • Longer engine life and performance

Direct Tyres is an embodiment for quality and incredible consumer loyalty. We are confirmed to predominant quality and can supply our car servicing products with certificate if needed. To guarantee that our items are as inventive as would be prudent, they are produced, fabricated, and tried by qualified staff utilizing propelled innovation.

Our professional team and overall dispersion system deal with the vital matter of client servicing. Directional Tyres values exclusive expectations, proficient morals, and common appreciation in all exchanges with clients, sellers, and representatives. We put resources into our connections by giving ability, quality, constancy, and openness to encourage development and a feeling of organization. Customer’s high satisfaction delegates are focused on serving our clients’ versatile driving needs.

Why and When?

  • After every 10,000kms of road use.
  • After 1 year of road use.
  • When you feel the vehicle is not operating as efficient as it should.
  • In some cases when the service or check engine light is on. 

Direct Tyre & Auto Vehicle Servicing Standard.

Oil and filter change is absolutely vital for the long term maintenance of your engine. You need to keep your motor decently greased up to run smoother, cooler and with decreased wear between parts. Direct Only use the Premium fluids and parts for our servicing. We help you get the right product on time and can change your oil filter while you wait or we have Courtesy Vehicles for our busy customers. When you are searching for a reliable service that will not let you down you can trust Direct Tyres & Autos service center is the best choice for you.


  • Drain and replace up to (5) liters of high quality engine oil
  • Replace old oil filter With a new one. 
  • Clear all service check lights and warnings. 
  • Check the underbody for damage or play in joints, releases, CV boot issues, and wear of general parts. We will check and top-off liquids, including transmission, brake, coolant, force controlling, and wiper fluid.
  • Outwardly examine vehicle, wiper blades refills and new clips as well as headlights, tail lights and park lights. 
  • Check tyre wear balance and rotate if required. 

Other Services we offer. 

Cambelt replacement 

Transmission service 

Clutch Repairs 

Spark Plugs 


CV Joints

Steering and Suspension  

Cooling system flush