Direct Tyres & Auto helps you understand your automotive suspension system


We ensure the best performance options for your vehicle. You can rely on us for all vehicle suspension issues or adjustments. We can offer consultation or advise to any requests you may have, a no-obligation quote, and repair costs that will get you back on the road quick. We guarantee the best aftermarket product when replacing suspension parts. We stock the best brands for suspension parts available in New Zealand, also providing expert workmanship on any job we undertake. Our aim is to provide the best level of service available and cover all aspects of vehicle maintenance.



A typical suspension setup is really quite basic there is a few parts within the framework that can wear and tear and eventually need replacing. We can also replace the CV boot; this is like a rubber cup which goes over the CV joint. Its purpose is to hold grease over the joint and provide lubrication. If the boot rips it can cause damage to the CV joint. This is a simple procedure, we can usually have you back on the road the same day. Other worn parts or joints can be tie rods, bushes, suspension arms, rotors and studs. We can get your repairs done quick and can fix a time with you to retrieve your car or offer a courtesy car while we get yours ready for you. We will always try our best to have an answer for all suspension issues.



Suspension Warning Signs

  • Does your Car make noises while turning. Do you hear a knock or humming sound coming from the wheels?
  • Does your steering vibrate when you break?
  • Does your car corner to one side while your not holding the wheel?
  • Are your tyres wearing faster on one side or the edges?
  • Does your steering wheel vibrate when you get to a certain speed?
  • Do you hear rattling or pounding sounds underneath the vehicle?


Your suspension framework gives comfort, support and durability and extremely signifies the condition of your car. Worn suspension components may diminish the safety of the vehicle and driver control. It can also quicken wear on other suspension parts and tyres.

Here are some basic purposes good suspension covers:

  • Maintain right height of vehicle
  • Reduce the impacts of potholes or a uncomfortable ride
  • Maintain right wheel arrangement to diminish tire wear
  • Support vehicle weight and structure.
  • Keep tyres aligned rotating and turning.  
  • Control the vehicle braking and slowing down.


Any aftermarket parts should be installed by an experienced professional. To keep the car aligned it is also recommended to perform a wheel alignment after any modification or replacements in the suspension system even raising or lowering ride height can affect the alignment of the car.   



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