At Direct Tyre & Auto East Tamaki we offer a wide range of vehicle tyres to suit a range of cars and trucks. Scroll through our range of different tyre brands and sizes online. Next time you need tyre servicing come see our staff who will take care of you and your vehicle. 



We understand your vehicles needs and offer the right type of tyre so you can have a smooth, safe and quiet ride. We are always happy to help with any questions you may have, our team can explain everything you need to know about tyres. 


The tyres offered by us at Direct Tyres come with specific field tested design and technology involved in creating the best tyres for different vehicle types. Combined with our high level of service we cater to every road user and their tyre needs. 



Great Features

Comfort, performance and durability are among the features people look for when buying new tyres. Direct Tyres uphold the highest quality and standard in car, 4WD, and truck tyres so you can trust us with your safety and pleasure in driving. There are many benefits to look for when buying new tyres and we can talk you through the best options for your car. We will explain what tyres cover your desired specs and driving style.


Common tyre characteristics to look out for are:

  • High mileage
  • Low rolling resistance
  • Long wear-life
  • Correct size and fitment
  • Good road grip on cornering and high speeds
  • Quiet road noise 
  • Durability and safety 
  • Economy and affordability 





High quality tyres and service for your car or truck. We offer car tyres for sports, drifting, rally and off road. Along with a complete 4WD range, get the right tyre for you with the best range and best prices at Direct Tyre & Auto.


We aim to provide the best in service and quality. Direct Tyres has been a leading provider of durable and high quality tyres for many years.

Purchase online and have your tyres fitted instore or we can also ship nationwide. No matter what car you have, we have the right tyres for you.



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