Warrant of Fitness is a routine safety check required to be carried out in accordance with New Zealand Transport Authority Guidelines. A Warrant Of Fitness covers all the safety checks required for a vehicle to drive on New Zealand roads.

Finding an affordable warrant of fitness provider in South Auckland can be a hard task. However, with Direct Tyres and Auto, you’ll get a quality WOF service, without any unnecessary extra costs. Give us a call now to make a booking.

Is your car due for a WOF check?

At Direct Tyres, we can schedule your Warrant of Fitness assessment on the spot, at the service center or over the phone.

Every vehicle registered before 2000 needs to have a warrant of fitness assessment every six months. If your vehicle is registered anytime after the 1st of January 2000 then you need to have your WOF checked every 12 months by law. We highly recommend you get your Warrant of Fitness test and general vehicle service at the same time; this is a huge time and money saver while also giving you peace of mind.

Know your vehicle is roadworthy and legal with a full service and WOF check-up combined.

At Direct Tyres In Auckland we recommend you have your WOF checkup done at the same time as your vehicle servicing, this will give you a more in-depth look at your vehicle and allow us to pick up and prevent potential mechanical problems in the future. When we do a service we check all the extras not normally checked as part of a warrant of fitness; like your oil and lubricant levels which are really important to maintain your vehicle.

At our East Tamaki service center in Auckland, we have fully qualified mechanics to take care of you and your vehicle

We have friendly qualified mechanics on-site at our South Auckland service center, who will ensure you and your vehicle are well looked after. Our staff can offer you good advice and a great service at an affordable price, with quality service you can count on.

What do you get when you do your warrant with us? 

  • External Inspection (This includes checking the operation of headlamps stop lamps indicators etc)
  • Internal Inspection (This covers the operation of all seat belts rear and side-view mirrors etc)
  • Under Bonnet (Here we check the fuel system drive train and engine components) 
  • Chassis underbody (While under the car we check the suspension brake and structure for corrosion) 
  • Road Brake Test (While doing the road test we check all the driving functions brake performance and speedometer)  

For more information on our Warrant of Fitness Inspections or vehicle servicing, give us a call or contact us via our contact page today.