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The Michelin Energy XM2+ improves on the previous generation with a new rubber compound, shorter wet and dry braking distances and 25% more mileage than other premium competitors. This tyre features the same innovative tread pattern as the previous generation, including the signature Michelin Green X marking which indicates a low rolling resistance for optimising energy saving. Key Features: Shorter Wet Braking When New and When Worn: MICHELIN Energy XM2+ Tyres brakes 1.5m shorter when new and 2.6m shorter when worn. 25% More Mileage: MICHELIN Energy XM2+ Tyres lasts 25% longer compared to other premium tyre brands. New Rubber Compounds: New formulation of full silica tread compound that contacts the ground in micro-scale resulting in better grip throughout the life of the tyre. - New formulation of full silica tread compound that bonds stronger from filler to filler, resulting in minimized wear leading to longer mileage.

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