195R14C 106/104N LASSA LC/T NON

  • Product Code: 19514106/1LASSLC/TNON
  • Price: $205.00

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Durable and long life, traction type light commercial vehicle tire allowing use also on rough roads Key features: - Powerful Traction: ‘Off-road’ type tread pattern provides full traction on earth and muddy roads. Straight tread type tread pattern allows using on both rear and front wheel drive vehicles. - Long life and resistance against rough road conditions: Tread compound resistant to cuts and chipping allow driving on rough roads and provide long life. It is long life, thanks to deep treaded and wide based tread pattern. - Possibility to use on all roads: Strong body and heel structure allows using on rough roads. Wide shoulder grooves provide powerful traction, does not retain snow and mud.

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