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The WILDPEAK A/T reinvigorates the all-performance sport utility and light truck tyre market through its aggressive stance and maximum traction. A symmetric five-rib pattern and rigid block design allows for ultra-durability, exceptional on-road response and optimized off-road handling. Two stiff extra-wide steel belts enable stability, while four wide multi-angled grooves enable maximum water, mud and snow evacuation. Biting block edges provide additional, unparalleled traction and control. Key features: - Variable Block Shoulder Design: Reduces tyre noise while maintaining an aggressive look. - Long Sweeping Sipes: Provide a multitude of biting edges for additional traction. - Four Wide Aggressive Multi-angled Grooves: Allow for maximum water, mud and snow evacuation while aggressive biting block edges provide unparalleled all terrain traction. - Square Shoulder Profile: Features an aggressive stance and maximum traction. - Open Shoulder Grooves: Effectively disperse water and debris in all weather conditions for both on and off road. - Hard Bead Apex: Provides sidewall stability. - Stiff, Extra Wide Steel Belts: For stable on and off-road handling. - Joint-less Nylon Band: Provides first-class ride comfort.

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