Nitrogen Tyre Fill


Direct Tyres & Auto offers nitrogen fill for all tyre purchases*


There are two types of fill you can use in your tyres and those are; nitrogen and air.

Normal air that contains 78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and remaining 1% as CO2, vapor, moisture and other gases.


Among the many reasons pure nitrogen is better to use than air in tyres; one is that humidity (water) isn’t a great thing to have inside a tyre. This is due to the fact that water in vapor and liquid form causes more of a pressure change with temperature swings than dry air does. It also promotes corrosion of the steel or aluminum rim.


When using nitrogen fill, you are receiving a dry nitrogen fill. This means you will eventually dilute the oxygen concentration and remove any water. Nitrogen is also less likely to drift through tyre rubber than oxygen is. This means your tyre pressure will remain much more stable long-term in comparison to what it would if it was filled with air. On average, tyres filled with air lose about 1.5 psi every month, whereas tyres filled with nitrogen will lose that amount in about 3-4 months. This will help you save some fuel as well as tyre maintenance expenses. This is particularly useful for vehicles used in racing or activities that may lead their tyres to heat up.


We would still recommend checking tyre pressures every month; even with nitrogen fill, just to ensure everything is up to standard.


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